1. Customers will see this page first after being directed or being re-directed.

2. This is where 'Restaurant Owners' can add any information they want.

3. Customers choose a restaurant in the "Choose One' drop-down box.

4.After choosing a location, the customer will click 'Click here to proceed'.

5. If 'No thanks, I do not wish to proceed' is chosen, it will re- direct them to your 'Home Page'. They can also click the browsers 'Back' button.

6. Once the form is completely filled out, they need to click the 'Submit'  button.

7. One the 'Submit' button is clicked, it will go into our system and can be emailed to whomever is chosen to receive the reports. (Multiple recipients are okay too!)

8. Reports can now be reviewed 24/7/365 through a specific user name and password.